Some good news on Lance and Carla


Via the Facebook group set up for Carla and Lance, Lance’s mom Linda provides an update on the couple, who have been upgraded from critical to serious condition:

Lance and Carla are both doing much better this week. Carla was able to have the ventilator removed, is conscious and breathing completely on her own! Dave (Lance’s Dad) was able to talk to her today during his visit and her whispered message to you all is that she is hoping to be back in time for First Encounter. Not knowing exactly what that means I hope I got the message right. She has smiled and shows her personality in facial body language. It was quite a rush!

Lance is improving as well. He still has a persistent fever even though all cultures and toxicology tests show no reason for it, other than the fact that he has burns. But his facial burns have improved enough to allow his face to be without dressings. He can open his eyes on occasion and although he cannot focus he can respond to simple questions with slow blinks. We can see his face and, as his mother, I thought he looked beautiful! He is able to breathe a few breaths of his own above the ventilator which was wonderful to see on one of the many monitors. His lungs are showing improvement and we’re hoping for a good week of increased breathing, even after surgery.

Stephanie Chan is working on posting our first auctions as I type this, so watch for more info on them soon. And thanks to everyone who has contributed items so far!

Update: I saw this in the comments field of that same thread on Facebook, and it made me smile:

Scratch that previous message from Carla. After double checking with her, she actually said she hoped to be back in time for Secret Invasion. I still don’t know what that is but for those of you who, like me, don’t have a clue, it has something to do with the world of comic books and such. By my next message I should be able to hear Carla myself for better message transmission!


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