The auctions begin!

Danger Girl

Danger Girl

The first auctions are up:

They include three items donated by IDW’s Scott Dunbier — Absolute Authority Vol. 1, Absolute Danger Girl and original art from a six-page Betty & Veronica story from 1963! Thanks to Scott for these generous donations. Now go bid!

Thanks to Stephanie Chan for posting them. These are the first of many!


3 Responses to “The auctions begin!”

  1. Journalista - the news weblog of The Comics Journal » Blog Archive » Dec. 8, 2008: Betty Page Says:

    […] [Help] Carla & Lance Hoffman benefit auctions begin Link: […]

  2. ZEITGEIST / Random Comics News Story Round-Up Says:

    […] his dog is mocking Charlie Brown. * the auctions to benefit Carla Hoffman and her husband Lance have apparently begun. * did I forget to post a link to Douglas Wolk’s <a […]

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