Latest Good News on Carla & Lance


According to a recent Kristin Hoffman post at the Tea Fire Survivors: Lance and Carla Hoffman Facebook page (with thanks to Lea Hernandez and Dirk Deppey getting the info out to folks [also thanks to Lea for directing folks to this auction site):

“Lance is conscious and breathing on his own! Today he was able to focus, smile, sit up and breathe without the respirator! He was doing so well that the nurses were able to wheel Carla outside of his room so they could see each other, wave their heavily wrapped arms, and exchange “I love you’s (Lance can’t speak yet but Carla has her glasses and could read his lips). An emotional time for all, including the nurses! The staff there is wonderful for many reasons, but their investment personally is undeniable. 

Lance is scheduled for his fourth and hopefully final surgery this coming Friday, to do the final grafts on his left arm and hand, and possibly his right ear. Once the surgeries are completed, their progress should be able to go nowhere but forward!”


One Response to “Latest Good News on Carla & Lance”

  1. Ryan Claytor Says:

    Thanks again for the continued updates.

    Ryan Claytor

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