Latest News on Our Friends


On Thursday, Michael L Mac Donald provided an update for folks over at the Back to Tea Fire Survivors: Lance and Carla Hoffman Facebook page: 

This past weekend showed more improvement for Lance & Carla. Carla is making steady progress in movement, eating, walking, and is gaining strength knowing that Lance is improving as well. She visits him at the entry to his room and makes him smile. The regimen of healing is exhausting but she is determined. They clearly give each other strength so vital to recovery. 

Lance continues to have some complications but is improving as well. He is alert and attempts to communicate with only his eyebrows and silent lips. It was great to see the real Lance in his eyes again but very frustrating to know that he has so much to say and has to keep silent. I’m really bad at the multiple choice game in trying to interpret his lips but it’s great to know that his brain is working and it’s just a matter of time. Either today or tomorrow the doctor plans to exchange his current trach. for a slightly smaller one which will allow him to talk a bit! He is mostly able to breathe without the ventilator but at times they do need to assist him with oxygen again. His lungs are getting stronger and he’s gaining momentum in his battle with the pneumonia. I know that being able to see Carla has assisted him greatly in his own healing journey. 

Michael also discussed in general terms the December 15 Star Trek II Wrath of Khan fundraising evening, but rather than take all of his news, I suggest you follow the link for the full scoop. 

As for the auction, there are a few items that only have a day or left before the item closes. For example, you can  score Alan’s War: The Memories of GI Alan Cope graphic novel by Emmanuel Guibert. I can’t think of a better deal for all parties, help Lance and Carla, as well as purchase a book that has been named  “… a PW Best Book of the Year, a National Public Radio Best Graphic Novel of the Year …


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